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Manufacturing base intro



SHANGHAI KINGFA SCI.&TECH.DVPT.CO., Kingfa's subsidiary in East China, established in October 2001, and is a technology enterprise specializing in research and development, productionand sale of high-performance modified plastics.With the registered capital of 370 million yuan and an area of more than 90 thousand square meters,it mainly sells modified polymers. In 2013 its sale volume reached 3.68 billionyuan.

2.Service Guarantee:

In 2004 it was approved by Shanghai High-TechEnterprise Accreditation. In 2005 it passed the ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certification of TUV and imported advanced professional inspection instruments and experimental instruments from Americaand Germany,such as material testing machines, burning testers, HUNTERLAB color meters,melt index instruments and so on, for the production of high-quality products.

It has established "the Post-doctoralResearching Workstation", Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center and Shanghai Performance Polymer Functional Engineering Technology Research Centerand passed Shanghai High-Tech Enterprise Certification and ISO 9001, ISO 14001,ISO/TS 16949 and other system accreditation. It has applied for more than 894  patents among which 22 has passed Shanghai High Technology Achievement Transformation Project Certification and catched up with the international level.

With its production capacity of an annual output of 250 thousand tons of high-performance modified plastics, it not only provides reliable material guarantee for the development of auxiliary industry in East China and abroad, but also lays a good foundation for the markets in North China and Northeast China.

3.Corporate Honor:

In 2006 passed Shanghai Pioneer Technology Enterprise Certification.

In 2006 passed Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center Certification.

In 2007 passed Excellent High-tech Enterprise of National Torch Plan Certification.

In 2008 was awarded as Shanghai Brand Name Product.

In 2008 was awarded as Shanghai Most Vigorous Scientific and Technological Enterprise and Fist Batch of Shanghai Innovation  Exemplary Experimental Enterprise.

In 2010 the environmentally-friendly flame-retardant reinforced PBT and its preparation method was awarded "The Third Prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Award".

In 2010 "High Durable and Toughened Nylon Material for High Speed Railway Construction" was listed into"National Torch Plan".

In 2010 was awarded as Shanghai Intellectual Property Rights Exemplary Enterprise.

In 2011 was awarded Shanghai Science and Technology Adward.

In 2011 was awarded as Shanghai High-TechEnterprise.

In 2012 was awarded Shanghai Top 10Enterprise.

In 2012, it washonored as an innovative enterprise in Shanghai.

In 2012, it washonored as an excellent high-tech enterprise of Shanghai.

In 2012,"the development of phosphorus-nitrogen halogen-free flame retardant andapplication of its organic polymer" won "the second prize fortechnological progress of Shanghai".

In 2012,"the high-tenacity filling and strengthening polyphenylene sulfidecomposite material and its production method" won the "prize forexcellent patents of China".

In 2012, "athermoplastic fire retardant alloy and its production method" won"the prize for excellent patents of China".

In 2013,"an automobile mold with good appearance used for injection molding"won the "prize for excellent patents of China".

In 2013, "theweather resistant strengthening and tenacity enhancing modified nylonPA66-G3" was honored as a "patented new product of Shanghai".


JIANGSU KINGFA SCI.&TECH.ADVANCED MATERIALS CO.,LTD. is the subsidiary established by Kingfa to expend the production capability of East China base and reinforce the influence in new  material markets in East China. It is  established in November 19th, 2010, and a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, production, sale and service of  modified plastics and new materials.

With the registered capital of 638.8 million yuan and an area of 412.08 thousand squaremeters(more than 600 mu), it plans to invest 2 billion yuan. During the 12th Five-year Plan, it will complete its constructions and by then it will boast the production capability of an annual output of 600 thousand tons of modified  plastics, realize an annual production volume of 11 billion yuan, and become the largest research and development and production base of high-performance modified plastics and new materials with international influence in East China.

The company'smodified plastics and advanced materials can be applied in the strategicemerging industries such as traffic and transport, household appliance, IT,electric tools, energy-efficient lighting, sports apparatus and new energy, newenergy automobile, and LED lighting lamp.

Since itsestablishment in 2010, it has paid a high attention to research and developmentinnovation, insisted on strengthening the research and development of modifiedengineering plastics with independent intellectual property rights. It hasapplied for 61 patents, which include 55 patents for invention and 6 utilities;11 patents have been authorized, which include 8 patents for invention and 3utilities. It has passed the certification of ISO9001 quality control system,ISO14001 environment management system and TS16949 quality management systemand participated in the formulation of 2 national standards. The company hasbeen listed in the cultivation program of high-tech enterprises of JiangsuProvince, obtained the qualification of "a private technology enterpriseof Jiangsu Province", with a bank credit rating of AA-, being a vicechairman unit of "Advanced Material Industrial Association of JiangsuProvince". In 2013, the company was listed among the "headquartersenterprises of Kunshan". The company's engineering technology center washonored as "an engineering research center of modified engineeringplastics of Suzhou City" in 2013.

In 2013, thecompany achieved a sale amount of 714 million Yuan from high-tech products,which accounted for 91% its total sales revenue. Through the mature managementplatform of the parent company Kingfa SCI. &TECH.CO., LTD., the company hasestablished a self-perfecting production management operation mechanism andproduction operation team. At the end of 2014, Jiangsu Kingfa reached aproduction capacity of 100,000 tons. By 2016, it will be up to a productioncapacity of 400,000 tons of modified plastics and its sales amount will reach 8billion Yuan.

Sichuan Kingfa

1.Corporate Profile:

Sichuan Kingfa is Kingfa's wholly-owned subsidiary established in the West and a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, production and sale of new materials. With an area of more than 130 thousand square metres and consisting of Mianyang Changxin New Material Development Co.,Ltd. and Mianyang Dongfang Advanced Performance Co.,Ltd., it has Guangdong Provincial EnterpriseTechnology Center and is awarded as National Recycling Economy Experimental Enterprise.

It presently boasts 40 imported and domestic new material production lines and can put out 150 thousand tons annually. Ithas become the largest new material production enterprise in West China and in 2013 it reached an annual sale volume of 1 billion yuan.

Mianyang Changxin New material Development,established in October 2004, is aimed at the West China Market and devoted into the research and development, production and sale of environmentally-friendly high-performance new material for cars and home appliances. It has established four technology systems of modified plastics and explored more than 200 serious of products including flame-retarded resins, reinforced and toughened resins, special materials for automobile, functional master batches and so on, some of which have beenapproved by American UL Certification. In West China,its market share ranks first. In 2012, it has launched a project of high-performance  environmentally-friendly new materials for highly-effective cars with an annual output of 100 thousand tons and provided reliable material guarantee for thedevelopment of car industry in Southwest and Northwest China.

Mianyang Dongfang Advanced Performance Polymers Co.,Ltd., founded up in August 2003,mainly produces pipeline anti-corrosion poly (propylene) enes, poly (propylene) copolymer adhesives, anti-slip particles, thermal insulation pipe jacket materials, steel reinforced adhesives for PE drainage pipes, winding wires of special adhesive PE, low smoke halogen-free flame retardant cable materials andso on which are applied to oil and gas pipelines, public supply mains, cablesand cords and other industries. It is the main supplier of pipeline anticorrosion raw materials for China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation andother companies and also the largest domestic anti-corrosion material manufacturer at present.


Quality Assurance: It has established a good Quality Environmental Assurance System,ISO9001 Quality Management System, TS16949 Car Product Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System and has been approved by Germany TUV Company Certification, which provided a strong system guarantee for the steady improvement of product quality. It has successively imported the world-class research and development instruments from abroad, such as infrared  spectrometers, X fluorescence spectrometers, UL combustion chambers, DSC, Melt flow rate instruments,vikage deformation instruments, electronic universal testing machines, impacttesters and so on. With its most compound testing center of new materials in West China, it has offered reliable guarantee for steady  improvement of product quality.

Technology Service: With the Provincial Enterprise Technology Center and35 research staffs with doctor degree and master degree, it can get accustomed to market demand very quickly and achieve sustainable innovation and development.Besides, it has kept long-termcooperative relations of producing, learning and researching with SichuanUniversity, Southwest University of Science and Technology and so on, and makes innovative exploration of new material products through independent innovationand combination of producing, learning and researching.

It has successively undertook 16 national, provincialand municiple scientific and technological projects including National 863 Planand applied for 28 National Invention Patent. Among them, 17 have been approved among which 12 are invention patent and 5 are utility model. It has been awarded 2 Provincial Science and Technology Awards and 1 National Key New Product.

It has 40imported and domestic new material production lines and an annual output of 150 thousand tons, among which 80 thousand tons are materials for cars, 50 thousandtons are anti-corrosionmaterials and advanced performance materials, 20 thousand tons are home  appliance materials. With these capacities, it provides reliable material guarantee for auxiliary industries in Southwest and Northwest China and its products covers many provinces and regions in Southwest, Northwest, South and East China.

3.Company Honor:

In 2005 was entitled to High-Tech Enterprise.

In 2005 passed Germany TUV ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certification and ISO14001:2004 Environmental System Certification.

In 2006 was awarded the first prize of Science Innovation Award of Sichuan Province.

In 2006 and 2009 was successively identified as Provincial Enterprise Technology Center.

In 2006 the "Environmental Recycling,Functionalization and Value-added Utilization of waste EPS foams and waste TVshells" was enrolled into National 863 Plan.

In 2007 was awarded as Sichuan Province Innovative Enterprise Cultivated.

In August 2007 wasawarded the Certificate of Comprehensive Utilization of Resources.

In 2007 was approved to be the second batch of National RecyclingEconomy Experimental Enterprise.

In 2008 the products were approved as "National Key NewProducts".

In 2008 the Project of Utilization and Reclamation of Waste Plasticswas enrolled into Sichuan Province Scientific and Technological AchievementTransformation Project.

In 2011 Aluminium-plastic Composite Panel Adhesive Industry Development was enrolled into Sichuan Province Strategic New Product Plan.

In 2013, thecompany passed the certification of OHSAS18001 occupational health and safetymanagement system.

In 2013, thecompany won the first prize for advanced units of statistics in Mianyang City.

In 2013, thecompany's quality control team was honored as an excellent quality control teamof Mianyang City.

In 2013, thecompany won third prize for industrial progress in Mianyang City.

In 2013, ChenLi, the general manager of the company was selected as an excellententrepreneur of Mianyang City.

Tianjin  Kingfa New Material Co.,Ltd.

1.Corporate Profile:

Tianjin Kingfa New Material Co.,Ltd. is Kingfa's subsidiary in North China established  in November 19th ,2009, and is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, production and sale of high-performance modified  plastics with a registered capital of 338 million yuan and an area of 538  thousand square meters.

After the completion of the first phrase ofthe construction of the project, it can produce 100 thousand tons of modified plastics annually and it plans to invest in 2 billion yuan in total. After thecompletion of the construction of all the project it will boast an annual  output of 500 thousand tons of modified plastics.

2.Service Guarantee:

It has attracted excellent talents majoring in the synthesis, modification, molding machine, mold of polymers and can provide processional service of polymer processing, equipment design, material selection and molding application for customers in North China.

3.Main Honor:

It has attracted excellent talents majoring in the synthesis, modification,molding machine, mold of polymers and can provide processional service of polymer processing, equipment design, material selection and molding application for customers in North China.

In 2010 the first phrase of "Kingfa New Material Production and Research and Development Base in North China" was enrolled into "National Industry and Technical Reformation Project".

In 2011 was approved by National High-Tech Enterprise Certification.

In 2012 was approved by ISO/TS 16949 System Certification.

In 2012 "Environmental Protection Model Scratch Free Spraying High Light ABS" was enrolled intoIndustrial Technological Transformation Project of Binhai District in Tianjin City.

In 2012 was approved as Tianjin Patent Experimental Enterprise.

In 2013, it wasrated as a patent protection pilot enterprise of Tianjin City.

In 2013, TianjinKingfa Technology Center was rated as an enterprise technology center ofTianjin City.

In 2013, TianjinKingfa Advanced Material Co., Ltd. was rated as an advanced grass-root partyorganization at the bonded zone of Tianjin Port.

In 2013, Kingfabrand "automobile dedicated material" and "fire retardant highimpact resistant polystyrene" were honored as famous brand products ofTianjin City.

In 2013, the"key enterprise lab for vehicle dedicated functional plastics of TianjinCity" of Tianjin Kingfa was rated as a key enterprise lab of Tianjin City.

In 2013, the"materials dedicated for automobile interior and exterior decoration"won the third prize in the fourth event of "excellent technical innovationachievements of employees" of Tianjin City.

In 2013, TianjinKingfa was rated as a "pilot enterprise for enterprise patent competitioninformation analysis of Binhai New Area".

In 2013, the"new type spraying-free scratch-resistant high glossy ABS" of TianjinKingfa was selected as a trump card product of Tianjin City.

Guangzhou Lesco-Kingfa Wpc Techndtgy  Co.,Ltd.

1.Corporate Profile:

Guangzhou Lesco-Kingfa Wpc Techndtgy Co., a high-tech enterprise of wood-plastic composite material and green ecological  wooden products with joint venture of Kingfa and Singapore Lesco Technology Pt.,Ltd.-the pioneer of international wood industry and the creator of Lesco ecological woods with a registered capital of 66 million yuan and specializing in researchand development, production and sale of wood-plastic composite materials andgreen ecological wood profiles. Its products include indoor decorative platesand profiles, outdoor building decorative plates and profiles, outdoor gardensystems, architectural shading systems, al green ecological wood composite door  and window systems and so on.

2.Service Guarantee:

LESCO brand was registered in many countries around the world more than 10 years ago. Our company is the drafting unit of the first China National Standards of Wood -Plastics Products undertaking the draft of many national industrial standards of wood-plastics products, the member unitof China Wood-Plastic Composite Materials Professional Committee and the vicechairman unit of Professional Committee of China Association of Wood ResourceUtilization. With strong technical team consisting of doctors, masters andadvanced engineer, it has 30 automated production lines invented by universities at home and abroad and Lesco Ecological Wood Product Design and  Development Center incorporated with Wuhan University Of Technology-one of 211 Key Universities, which enables it to produce 15 thousand tons annually.

3.Main Honor:

Appearance DesignPatent Certificate

Chinese Private Environmental Innovation Outstanding Brand

International Famous Brand

A managingdirector with China Wood Plastic Products Innovation Alliance

A vice-chairmanunit with China Wood Plastic Standard Committee

A vice-chairmanunit with Chinese Professional Committee for Wood Plastic Composite Materials

A key lab of thebiomass material and technology of Northeast Forestry University and theMinistry of Education

A member unit ofGreen Decoration Alliance

A member unit ofGuangzhou Leader Entrepreneurs

A member unit ofGuangdong Construction Decoration Industrial Association

A cooperationunit of Beijing Olympics

A cooperationunit of Guangzhou Asian Games

A cooperationunit of Shanghai Expo

Zhuhai Wantong Chemical Co.,Ltd.

1.Corporate Profile:

Zhuhai Wantong Chemical Co.,Ltd,. establishedin 2009, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development,production and sale of high-performance plastics materials with a registered capital of 410 million yuan.

Polybutylene succinate adipate glycol copolyester is environmentally-friendly material independently invented by Wantong which is of international advanced level with excellent application and health functions and fundamentally solves the environmental pollutions caused by traditional plastics. With the developmentof  the application technology of biodegradable materials at home and abroad,the market demand of new biodegradable materials is expanding. The research andproduction base of high-performance plastic materials of Wantong ChemicalCo.,Ltd. is located in Biyang Road,Petrochemical Area, Gaoyanggang Economic Zone in Zhuhai with a total investmentof 2 billion yuan and an area of 510.595 thousand square meters.

2.Technology Features:

Completely biodegradable copolyester is environmentally-friendly material independently invented by Wantong which is of international advanced level with excellent application and health functions and fundamentally solves the environmental pollutions caused by traditional plastics. With the development of the application technology of biodegradable materials at home and abroad, the market demand of new biodegradable materials is expanding.

Completely biodegradable copolyester is made through the condensation and polymerization of butylene glycol, succinic acidand other components. It is of steady function during the utilization and after utilization it can be resolved into carbon dioxide and water by the enzymes of microorganisms, animals and plants under the circumstances of composts, soil,water and activated sludge sewages. With excellent biocompatibility and bioabsorbability it is environmentally friendly and can fundamentally solve the environmental  pollution caused by traditional plastics.


2002 Zhuhai Strategic New Industry KeyProject

High-Tech Enterprise

Guangdong kingfa sci.&,ltd.

1. CompanyProfile

Established in2013,Guangdong kingfa sci.&,ltd. totals a registered capital of100 million Yuan, located in Qingyuan City of Guangdong Province. It's acontrolled subsidiary of Kingfa SCI. &TECH.CO., LTD. The company hasinvested a total of 3.8 billion Yuan in building Kingfa Technology reprocessedplastics cyclic economy industrial park. After the project is completed, it canprocess 1 million tons of reprocessed modified plastics annually.

Currently, Guangdong kingfa sci.&,ltd. has completed the workshops of itsstarting area and put it into operation on May 18, 2014, which was mainlyengaged in research and development, production, sales and technical service ofmodified plastics and its products with waste plastics as raw materials; itsproducts are extensively applied in the industries such as automobile,household appliance, OA equipment, IT, communication, electronics, electricalengineering and appliances, building materials, decorative lighting andmilitary industry.

2. Honors

In 2014, it washonored as a key construction project of Guangdong Province.

A chairman unitof the Professional Committee for Recycling and Reuse of Chinese PlasticProcessing Industrial Association

One of the"hundred" backbone enterprises for comprehensive utilization ofresources of China

Wuhan Kingfa sci.&,ltd.

Wuhan Kingfa sci.&,ltd. was established on July 10, 2014, which is a fullyowned subsidiary of Kingfa SCI. &TECH.CO., LTD., an advanced materialenterprise ranked No. 1 in the Asia-Pacific region and leading globally, mainlyengaged in the research, production, sales and services of high-performanceadvanced materials, providing new material solutions for creating a human lifewhich is safer, more comfortable and convenient and promoting the continuous improvementof human living environment and creating a good life.

The company hasa registered capital of 300 million Yuan. The project has a total investment ofover 5 billion Yuan, which is predicted to have an annual output of 520,000tons. After the project is fully put into operation, it's predicted to achievea sales revenue of 15 billion Yuan annually. The company currently owns twofully-owned subsidiaries, namely, Wuhan Kingfa SCI. &TECH. EnterpriseTechnology Center Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Kingfa SCI. &TECH. Industry Co., Ltd.

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